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Roll on the clean rug having Rug Cleaning Sydney on your back. We are the professionals and perfectionists in the business of carpet and Rug Cleaning in Sydney. We are one of the most experienced carpet and rug cleaners located in Sydney, Australia.

Rug Cleaning Sydney has a huge experience cleaning all kinds of rugs and carpets made out of different materials. We adopt the best cleaning methods and top-quality cleaning products to maximize the clean and fresh look of your valuable carpet to sustain long.

Keep your Carpet Clean with Specialized Rug Cleaning Services in Sydney 

Adopting a suitable method of cleaning for each type of rug is extremely important. At Rug Cleaning Sydney, we have gained the expertise through our years’ long experience that ensures the right method to clean your expensive and valuable rug. The Basic methods we use Dry Cleaning, Soaking, Extraction and Jet Spray.

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We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Best Rug and Carpet Cleaner in Sydney

Don’t gamble while choosing the best rug cleaning company in Sydney. If you want a ‘Cheap’ and ‘Spread the Dirt Around’ rug cleaning, you are free to consider any other rug cleaning company. But if you want the cleanest rug and want to add years to your Rug’s Life, and if you want to protect your family from the countless bacteria, fungus, pollen, pollutants, and smoke dirt residing in your rug, then we are pleased to introduce our self as the best rug cleaners in Sydney.

We Treat Your Carper well, to Look Great

Suppose you want the cleanest rug and want to add years to your Rug’s Life. if you’re going to protect your family from the countless bacteria, fungus, pollen, pollutants, and smoke dirt residing in your rug. In that case, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the best rug cleaners in Sydney.
We Treat Your Rug well, to Look Great.

  • We use environmentally safe cleaning detergents with an anti-resoling agent.
  • We use deodorized and neutralized odours in each room cleaned.
  • We use distinct spot removal for persistence spot (where applicable)

Free Pick up and Delivery is available for all suburbs in Sydney

rug washing

Rugs serve many purposes, both decorative and functional. They are subject to wear and soil in heavy movement areas and trap dust and allergens in lesser-used areas. Indeed, rugs are expensive investments, maybe even family inheritances, so they should be professionally cleaned regularly. Rug Cleaning Sydney provides a handy way to restore your Rug to its original look with little to no effort. Your new Rug transformation is just an appointment away with Rug Cleaning Sydney.

We guarantee to restore your rugs to their original, beautiful condition and extend their life by protecting the fibers from harmful debris. Our in-house service provides the standards that you cannot attain at-home rug cleaning. All dry dirt is cleaned before going to deeper cleaning. Edges are carefully cleaned and combed manually to attain a brand new look.

For a total stain removal process, rugs stained due to pet urine are soaked and cleaned into our special pool. Remember, after every 3 to 5 years, professional cleaners should thoroughly clean a rug.

To ensure maximum protection of your Rug does not ignore these steps:

Rotation: It is important to rotate your rug regularly, at least once per year. This will ensure that inevitable wear patterns will be even. 

Vacuum: One of the easiest and most important tasks to keep your rug looking great is regular vacuuming. Vacuuming removes the ingrained dirt, which can cause the fibers to wear quickly.

Professional clean: Vacuuming is great, but it will not remove ALL of the ingrained dirt. A deep clean by Rug Cleaning Sydney will ensure that your rug maintains its colors and will lengthen the life of your rug.

A rug is a valuable investment. If you take good care of it, it will look great for years to come. There are 3 mandatory acts to save your rug from tearing up. It also depends on where it is in your house, the amount of traffic, the local climate, and the quality of the rug.

Among all the furniture in your home, the rugs get the biggest trial. The continuous, direct movement on the rug leads to dirt and overall wear and tear. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, the carpet in your home should be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Apart from cleaning, there are some of the benefits that Professional Rug cleaning promises.

One of the biggest advantages is that professional cleaning will help extend the life of your carpet. Over time, dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris collect in the carpet and will eventually cause the fibers to split and deteriorate. You might consider that regular vacuuming may fix it, but a vacuum will only remove surface dirt and won’t rinse off the tough dirt rooted deep within the rug fibers. 

If you are unsure of how to take care of your expensive rug, the best option is to come and ask one of the specialists from our Rug Cleaning Sydney team. We give you a quote without any cost and obligation of any kind. We guarantee our job 100%, which means you hire our services without risk. So for your friendly free audit, call us.

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Vanessa Valenzuela Davie

These guys were great to work with, pick up and drop off of the rug was easily organised, rug looks brand new, communication was great.


This company is the best. I have tried others but ill stay with Washco. The staff and the delivery person is very Nice and friendly. They have removed a big stain from my rug, and I recommend this place to everyone.

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