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Rug Repairs Sydney

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Rug Repairs Sydney

Restoring Elegance, One Stitch at a Time

Are your cherished rugs showing signs of wear and tear, leaving you in need of expert repairs? Look no further than Washco, your premier destination for rug repairs and restoration in Sydney

At Washco in Sydney, our commitment lies in restoring your cherished rugs through expert craftsmanship and dedicated care. Our rug repair services in Sydney are more than just stitching; they’re a delicate process, delicately attending to every thread and weave, ensuring each rug is rejuvenated to its former glory. With a blend of traditional techniques and modern expertise, we mend, rebind, and restore your treasured rugs, enhancing their beauty stitch by stitch. Entrust us to give new life to your rugs, preserving their elegance for generations to come.

rug repairs sydney

Specialists in Rug Repairs in Sydney

Trust Washco for the most reliable and skilled rug repairs and restorations in Sydney. Whether it’s a small patch or comprehensive restoration, every damage receives our highest care and expertise. 

We match yarn types and colours, striving to reconstruct your rug to its authentic state. Our team are experienced and trained craftsmen is dedicated to restoring your rugs to their original condition.

Restore Your Rugs with Washco

Rugs may lose both their appearance and value over time. Damage, ranging from holes to missing fringes, can significantly impact a rug’s appeal. If your rug faces such issues, we’re here to assist. Through our specialised repair solutions, your rugs will regain their original beauty and value. As a professional rug repairs company in Sydney, we guarantee to restore your damaged rugs with care and precision.

Find Reliable Rug Repairs Near You

Patch Repair

Our patch repair service is designed to address small areas of damage, restoring your rug’s integrity. Whether it’s a frayed edge or a small tear, our skilled craftsmen ensure every detail is seamlessly repaired.

Wrinkled Rug Repair

Rectifying wrinkles and folds is our expertise. We specialise in smoothing out rug imperfections, ensuring a flawless appearance. Trust us to iron out every wrinkle.

repairs rug sydney
rug repairs sydney

Complete Rug Repairs and Restorations

As dedicated specialists in rug washing in Sydney, Washco takes immense pride in our range of services tailored to your needs.


Breathing new life into your rugs, our expert team diligently repairs and restores them.

Our rug cleaning services  aims to preserve the beauty of your rugs with careful cleaning techniques. We also offer specialised Persian rug cleaning services

We offer rug maintenance services that contribute to their enduring health and beauty.

Expert Rug Repair & Restoration Services Near You

Get top-quality rug repair services and restoration right here in Greenacre, Sydney. Our expert team is dedicated to providing exceptional rug repairs, catering to clients across Sydney. Enjoy the convenience of our free pickup and delivery service, ensuring that your rugs receive the care they deserve without any hassle. Count on our team at Wascho to bring your rugs back to life. We’re committed to making sure you’re satisfied with our expert rug repair and restoration services.

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