A Persian rug is more than a home accessory. It is made with exceptional craftsmanship, each thread intricately hand-woven. The unique colours and patterns create a striking focal point, adding luxury to your home. 


A Persian rug is a prized possession and long-term investment. To maintain its value and appearance, suitable cleaning practices are essential. Here’s a comprehensive guide to washing your Persian rug. 

How To Wash Your Persian Rug

Cleaning a Persian rug is intricate, requiring knowledge and suitable techniques. While specialised cleaning services might be the best option to preserve your rug quality and appearance, here are some steps for washing your Persian rug at home: 


Materials for washing your rug can include:



  1. Gently shake your rug to remove dust, debris, and other particles. You can also vacuum your carpet to remove loose dirt before washing. 
  2. Fill a tub or bucket with lukewarm or cold water and a gentle detergent.
  3. Place your rug on a clean and dust-free surface.
  4. Dampen a clean towel in your soap-water solution and wipe your rug surface, working from the centre to the edges. Swap out your towel for a clean one when it becomes stained to avoid redistributing dirt.
  5. Place a wooden stick under the rug fringes and use a hand brush and your soap solution to gently brush or clean the fringes. 
  6. Place your rug in a well-ventilated and clean area, away from direct sunlight to dry. You can also use an electric fan to speed up drying. 
  7. Ensure your rug is completely dry before using or walking on it.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Persian Rug Washing

Knowing how to maintain your Persian rug is essential. The wrong cleaning products and techniques can impact the appearance and longevity of your rug. To help you maintain your investment, here are some do’s and don’ts of Persian rug cleaning: 

Persian Rug Cleaning Do’s

Here’s what to do when cleaning your rug:


Do: Vacuum your rug regularly to prevent dust and dander from settling into the fibres.

Do: Spot clean spills and marks as they happen to prevent them from staining or discolouring your rug. 

Do: Use a damp, clean cloth to gently blot stains. 

Do: Regularly inspect your rug for stains, wear and other damage. 

Do: Rotate your rug occasionally to ensure even usage and prolong the lifespan. 

Do: Hand wash your rug to protect the colour and fabric. 

Do: Clean high-traffic areas more frequently to limit wear and tear.  

Do: Air dry your rug thoroughly to prevent mould.  

Do: Check the label and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for the best results. 

Do: Consider cleaning your rug during the change of seasons to prevent dirt buildup.

Do: Consider alternative cleaning techniques like specialised services. Professionals can use customised and advanced methods, helping you preserve your rug quality and investment. 


Persian Rug Cleaning Don’ts


Here’s what not to do when cleaning your rug:


Don’t: Use harsh chemicals like bleach on your Persian rug to prevent damaging the colour and fibres.

Don’t: Avoid overwetting or steaming if your rug is not moisture-friendly. Excessive moisture can impact its appearance and longevity. 

Don’t: Cleaning your rug with hot water can shrink the fabrics and cause colour bleeding. 

Don’t: Placing heavy furniture on your rug can cause dents and wear over time. 

Don’t: Avoid drying your rug in direct sunlight to prevent fading and discolouration. 

Don’t: Hanging your rug over a fence or on the line to dry can stretch or dent the fabric. 

Don’t: Vigorously scrubbing your rug can lead to premature wear.

Don’t: Avoid rubbing stains or spills to avoid embedding the mark into the material.  

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Rug in Sydney?

The cost of cleaning your Persian rug in Sydney can vary. Factors like your rug size, materials and whether you clean it at home or use professional services can impact the cost.

Size and Materials

When weighing cleaning costs, you must consider the size and material of your rug. Oversized rugs can require more time, effort, and cleaning products. Additionally, more delicate and high-maintenance Persian rugs, such as silk, cotton, natural fibre, or hand-knotted variations, can increase cleaning costs. 

DIY Rug Cleaning 

If you clean your rug at home, you could save on labour and other service costs.  However, you must consider the price of the cleaning products and the time required for washing a rug. 


Another consideration is the risks of improper cleaning. Scrubbing your rug too vigorously or using the wrong chemicals can lead to significant damage. This scenario could mean paying professionals to fix or repair your rug, increasing your total spending. 

Professional Rug Cleaning 

Professional rug cleaning can have a higher initial cost, such as labour, customised services, and availability. While these costs can add up, you save time washing a rug. You also get expert and tailored services, improving the cleaning quality. More advanced maintenance can also lead to having your rug for longer before requiring a replacement. 

Should You Hire a Rug Washing Specialist?

Specialised cleaning services are an excellent option for effective and safe rug cleaning. Here are some benefits of professional rug cleaning: 



FAQs About Rug Cleaning in Sydney

Here are some frequently asked questions about washing your rug in Sydney:


  1. How often should you clean your rug? Frequently vacuum and spot-clean your rug to remove dust. Depending on its condition, schedule a professional cleaning every 1 to 3 years for a deep clean.  
  2. What is the difference between cleaning a Persian vs Oriental rug? The main difference between cleaning a Persian and an Oriental rug is the cleaning techniques. While Persian rugs are a type of Oriental rug, they are made differently and require unique cleaning methods. 
  3. What should you do after washing your rug? After washing your rug, lay it in a dry, clean, well-ventilated area to air dry completely.
  4. How can you clean a rug without damaging it? The best option is to get professional services. 
  5. Can you wash a rug in the washing machine? While you can wash specific rugs in a washing machine, avoid washing a Persian rug automatically, as it can impact its quality and condition. 
  6. Can you use any carpet cleaner to wash your rugs? Before using carpet cleaner or other detergents, check your rug’s label or manufacturing instructions.


Trust Washco for Expert Persian Rug Washing in Sydney

The wrong cleaning techniques and products can compromise the quality of your Persian rug. However, specialised maintenance and cleaning can leave your rug looking brand new. The choice is yours. 


If you’re looking for high-quality rug cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. At Washco, we know the importance of suitable cleaning and care for your Persian rug. As a trusted source for Persian rug cleaning, we can help you revitalise your rug while maintaining its quality and appearance.


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