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Rug Cleaning Alexandria

Add life to your rugs

Rug  Cleaning Alexandria is in the business of helping homes and offices preserve the integrity of their rugs, carpets, floor coverings, and so on. Does your rug or carpet have a bad smell and odour? Do you feel that your rugs need some restoration and washing? If you need to have a professional retouch and restore your rugs, you can contact Rug Cleaning Alexandria. We have a modern facility that caters to washing, repairing, and maintenance of all types of rugs. Whether you have antique, Persian, Oriental, Chinese, or special rugs, we handle them all. Our deep cleaning procedures help to eliminate stains and odours from your rugs. We will help you maintain and care for extremely delicate rugs. We have a range of machines and equipment for preserving and restoring your rugs and carpets. Our rug cleaning processes can be done off-site or on-site.

Rug Washing Alexandria

Let us suck out all the dirt from your rugs

When it comes to washing your rugs, it pays to use a professional company. This is because they have a fully-functional facility that caters to different rug washing routines. We observe your rugs and decide on the right washing routine to use. We also have an array of sophisticated machines and equipment. To get rid of stains and smells, we have a wide range of soaps and fragrances as part of our cleaning inventory. Why wash your rugs at home when it is cost-effective to use a professional rug cleaning company. We also have advanced rug drawing techniques to help banish all insects, smells, bugs, dirt, and moisture after the cleaning process.

Rug Repairs Alexandria

We repair so you don’t have to replace

As rug repair experts, we also cater to the needs of homes and offices in the area. Our rug cleaning and repair services help to preserve the structure and values of your rugs. We will restore your rugs to help you save money on a new ones. Our specialised services help to get rid of insect attacks and irreversible dents from moving heavy furniture. If you are in Alexandria, and you need professional rug repairs and restoration, then you can contact us. We will easily repair all types of damages to your rugs, carpets, and floor coverings. We can help fix any fire and flood rug damage, rug misalignment, fringe repairs, colour fading, stretching, holes, frayed corners, tears, and abrasions.

Washco are the best and most experienced rug repairers and restoration craftsmen in the whole of Alexandria. We can help you rebuild and recreate damaged rug corners. We can also mend all holes and damages from fire burns.

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Rug Maintenance Alexandria

When it comes to the preservation of your rugs in Alexandria, we are your best option. We have a set of rug maintenance machines and equipment in our modern facility. We perform a range of maintenance procedures to guarantee the durability and serviceability of the rug. Our rug maintenance processes are recommended by manufacturers and can be used to extend the useful life and performance of the rug and carpet. Our rug maintenance services help customers save money from buying a new one.

 Why purchase another run when you can simply salvage the old ones that you have. We help our customers save money. After working on your rug, we restore them to their original and factory conditions. We will leave your rugs smelling lovely and looking brand new at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Try us now and see the benefits and advantages that come with our service delivery. We are known for premium rug and carpet maintenance services.

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