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Rug Cleaning Annandale

Rug cleaning Annandale is a company that specializes in cleaning and restoring all types of area rugs. We offer a comprehensive list of the best rug restoration and washing services. We cater exclusively to homes, offices, public buildings, hotels, schools, and so on. Washco help our clients salvage value and money from their old rugs and carpets. Why buy new floor coverings, when you could simply refurbish and restore the old ones? We have a dedicated facility that comes with all the equipment and fixtures for all types of rug and carpet treatments. Your rugs take a lot of beating daily: from foot traffic, and pet excreta, to spills, you need to maintain them. Effective rug maintenance helps extend their durability and serviceability. This is why we are in business.

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Rug Washing Annandale

Rug cleaning Annandale offers a comprehensive range of rug washing treatments for homes and offices. We will wash your rugs thoroughly with state-of-the-art machines to get rid of all smells and stains. We offer deep cleaning treatments for all rugs and will wash off all dirt, grime, stains, and smears. Our innovative rug washing methods are mild on the colour, dye, and fabrics of your rugs, but yet tough on stains. We also use a wide range of chemicals and fragrances to help give your rug a new look, feel and smell. Our rug and carpet washing techniques are meant to make your living room more hygienic and comfortable. Our rug washing techniques also bring out the decorative essences of your rugs. We also have advanced drying routines for all rugs to avoid any damp or moist effect.

Rug Repair Annandale

Why buy a new rug in Annandale when Rug cleaning Annandale experts like us can help you revive your old rugs. We are some of the best rug restoration and repairs craftsmen that you will ever deal with. We offer a wide range of rug repair routines to bring all dead rugs back to life. Our rug maintenance facility acts like a mini rug factory where we restore and repair all types of rugs. Do you bad Chinese, Turkish, Tibetan, Persian, or antique rugs?

Washco will help you bring them all back to life. We will help you get rid of all types of rug defects like edge removal, misalignments, flood and fire damage, stretching, colour fading, holes, frayed corners, irreversible dents caused by heavy furniture, tears, wears, and so on. Our company have a wide range of rug repair routines and techniques that can simply be used to fix and repair all types of rugs. We also have special rug repair treatments for customized and branded rugs with logos.

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Rug Maintenance Annandale

Just like rug manufacturers will probably tell you; frequent maintenance helps extend the durability and performance of your rugs. So, whether your rug experiences heavy foot traffic or not, it still needs to be maintained by seasoned professionals like us. When it comes to our rug maintenance treatments, you are sure to get industry best practices. We maintain and handle all rugs according to the recommendations of rug manufacturers. Washco will maintain and repair any type of rug or carpet. We also have maintenance routines that will preserve the designs, decorative, and promotional features of special rugs.

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