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Rug Cleaning Ashfield

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Do you need to clean your rugs, tapestries, carpets, and runners? Rug cleaning Ashfield is a family-owned business that specialises in cleaning rugs. We have years of rug cleaning experience. Washco essentially cater to homes and businesses in Ashfield. We will make all your floor coverings healthy again with our industrial rug cleaning methods. Our huge rug cleaning facility features holistic onsite and offsite rug cleaning solutions. We are the best industrial rug cleaners when it comes to your Oriental, Tibetan, Chinese, Persian, Turkish, and antique area rugs.

We have an industrial rug cleaning and maintenance facility that helps us cater to our customers. Our cleaning solutions come with a mixture of machine and hand cleaning solutions for all rugs. We also clean out special logo/promotional rugs, antique rugs, hand-woven rugs, and so on. Our modern rug cleaning services also feature delivery and logistic functions. This means that you get your rugs and carpets within a short time.

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Rug Washing Ashfield

We offer professional and quality services

Rug cleaning Ashfield is a specialist rug washing company. We offer various deep washing services that will make your rugs healthy again. Our washing routine helps get rid of smells, stains, marks, and dust. We will make your rugs healthy for indoor use. Our deep washing technique involves a combination of holistic rug washing methods. We use suitable agents and fragrances to restore all rugs to their initial pristine conditions. After our deep washing services, we will deliver the rugs to you in a matter of days. We make sure that the smell and look of the rug have been transformed effectively. Our deep washing services do not take a lot of time. We expedite the process of washing and cleaning to ensure that all clients get their rugs in a matter of days.

Rug Repairs Ashfield

We know the trick to turn old into new

Do you need to fix your rugs and carpets? You can depend on Rug cleaning Ashfield to repair and restore all types of floor coverings. We currently handle the repair of all types of rugs. From Turkish rugs to Chinese rugs. Our services also cover rug materials like silk, jute, wool, cotton, and so on. Washco can help you reweave and rethread the rugs. Oure Company have a modern rug repair facility that features a group of quality rug craftsmen. We will fix and repair all your rugs especially those with sentimental value. Rugs are good investments in our home decor. This means that they should be treated with maximum respect. Our repair services include treatment from insects, repair of burns tears, dents, and so on.

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Rug maintenance Ashfield

Say goodbye to replacement

We at Rug cleaning Ashfield have a primary duty to help patients at all times. Washco have enough experience when it comes to offerings a wide range of maintenance services. We offer manufacturer-approved property maintenance routines on carpets, rugs, tapestries, and runners. We also cater to other types of upholstery and floor coverings. Many manufacturers have recommended that owners should take their rugs for maintenance every two/three years. This helps to ensure that your rugs, tapestries, runners, and carpets. Expect our daily delivery services to deliver your floor coverings as soon as we have finished treating the rugs.

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