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Rug Cleaning Bellevue Hill

Allow us to lift some burden off your shoulders

Cleaning your rugs at home will only make it look cleaner on the surface. But no matter what you do, you cannot achieve the level of cleaning done by the professionals since we don’t have the right equipment for it at home.

So, save yourself the pointless hard work and let us handle the job for you. Our team in rug cleaning Sydney uses the right equipment and right technique needed to deeply clean your rugs without asking for a kidney of yours in return.

You get to save your time and your rugs are thoroughly cleaned against minimal charges, isn’t that a pretty great deal?

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Rug Washing Bellevue Hill

Leave the hard part to us

We have always advised our clients against washing rugs at home. This is because rug washing is quite an exhausting process if not done correctly with the right techniques using the right tools. Our professionals know how to do the job perfectly without causing any damage to rug fibers.

We apply various techniques to do the job such as the Persian rug cleaning method. Furthermore, we adapt the use of tools that can provide the rugs with both, steam and vacuum so even the deep-seated dirt can be removed. If your rugs are losing their life, do them a favor and call us right now. Our crew will treat them nicely and return them to you looking refreshed and shiny.

Rug Repairs Bellevue Hill

Let us give a new life to your old rugs

Rugs are not cheap, we all know that. Buying an expensive rug for hundreds of dollars only to have it torn out after a couple of years is not fair, we understand. So, if you mistakenly caused any damage to your rugs and don’t have the heart to replace them just yet, give us a call. We know many ways to fix various defects in rugs and carpets. If you were looking for reliable rug repairs near Bellevue Hill, you now know who to consider. We are in this business for years and never once have we returned any of our customer unsatisfied. You can depend on us to do anything from something as little as unflatten them to mending holes. We will ensure that the job is done right and you are fully content with the final result.

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Rug Maintenance Bellevue Hill

We maintain them so you don’t have to replace them

We observe that majority of the people wait for their rugs and carpets to wear out completely before they start looking for ways to reward them with a new life. But let us tell you that rug maintenance is far cheaper in the long run than rug repairs.

Even if you just bought a rug recently, consider sending it for maintenance after every few months. We ensure that they are completely ridden of dirt, germs, allergens, bugs, and bacteria before giving them back to you.

Furthermore, rug maintenance also contributes in building the durability of your rugs. So, would you rather spend a few bucks in their maintenance or buy a new rug for hundreds of dollars after they become dull and unattractive?

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