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Rug Cleaning Double Bay

Trust us to do the job

We know how troublesome rug cleaning can be especially if you are not an expert in it. Therefore, allow us to take care of this responsibility for you.

Book an appointment with us right away and we will make sure your rugs are cleaned up perfectly. Our team of experts implement the use of multiple techniques and tools to take the dirt out of your valuable rugs.

We promise to get them back to you looking clean, fresh, and vibrant.

Rug Washing Double Bay

We know how to handle with love

Rugs are made from delicate threads and fibres which need to be handled with care when washing them. This is why we never recommend rug washing at home.

If you want to suck up all the dirt, germs, and allergens in your rugs then there is no way you can do it at home by throwing it in your washing machine. And let’s just say you managed to do it somehow, the rugs will take days to dry completely.

So why go through the exhaustion when you can simply let us handle it for you? Our carpet cleaning services are the best in all of Sydney and our rates are reasonable too. We offer Persian rug cleaning along with several other types of rug cleaning techniques and our staff is highly qualified too.

Do yourself a favour and get in touch with us right now so we can wash those rugs for you!

Rug Repairs Double Bay

Try us before throwing it out!

Are you an owner of a rug that is several years old? If it has worn out over time yet you do not have the heart to give it up, believe us, we understand your sentiments. Therefore, we present the best rug repairs near Double Bay so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Send us your old and worn out rugs so we can repair them and breathe new life into them. Mark our words, you will not find better rug repairs in Sydney than us. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and dial us right now!

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Persian Rug Cleaning & Repairs

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repairs

Our Persian rug cleaning and repair service honors the rich heritage and delicate craftsmanship of these treasured pieces. Our technicians, with their deep understanding of Persian rug materials, dyes, and weaving techniques, employ gentle yet effective cleaning methods to ensure the preservation of vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Whether your rug needs a deep clean or requires expert repairs to frayed edges, torn sections, or loose knots, we can handle it all.

From hand-washing and specialised stain removal to careful repairs, our thorough process revitalises your rug, restoring its original softness, and structural integrity. We treat each Persian rug with the care and attention to detail, extending its lifespan for generations to come.

We combine time-tested traditions with modern cleaning expertise to provide¬† care for your Oriental rug. Recognising the cultural significance these works of art embody, our skilled artisans carefully inspect each rug to identify its unique characteristics. This allows us to tailor our cleaning process, ensuring optimal results while preserving the rug’s integrity.

From cleaning techniques suitable for hand-knotted silk or wool blends to expert repairs for frayed edges, torn sections, or loose knots, we address all your rug’s needs. We gently remove dirt, stains, and odours while safeguarding the intricate designs. Witness the transformation as your Oriental rug regains its vibrancy and softness. Entrust us with the complete restoration of your treasured rug and experience the difference our cleaning and repair services can make.

Rug Maintenance Double Bay

The trick to make your rugs last longer

Just like everything needs care to last long, our rugs also need to be taken care of. We have seen many people not paying heed to rug maintenance as they believe it is not necessary. However, if you want your rugs to live their full life or perhaps even longer than you should take their maintenance seriously.

Now we know it might not be easy for you since you already have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, so why don’t you let us handle this one?

Our team of experts know all about rugs and are perfect in cleaning, washing, repairing, and maintaining them by using various techniques and multiple equipment. Give us a chance and you will be astonished at how well we do our job!


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