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Rug Cleaning Killara

Carpet cleaning done the right way

When thinking about cleaning and repairing your expensive and hand-knitted rugs, Rug cleaning Killara is the best answer. We are a rug cleaning, repairing, and family-owned maintenance company. For many years, we have transformed into a total rug and carpet solutions company. Our company have evolved over the years to create an enviable track record in the rug cleaning and repair industry. We carry our rug cleaning services according to best practices and standards in the industry. We have a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for all types of floor coverings. With us, your tapestries, runners, rugs, and carpets are in good hands. Our delivery services ensure that your floor coverings are easily cleaned and delivered to you on time.

Rug Washing Killara

Providing spotless services

Rug cleaning Killara offers both offsite and onsite deep washing services. Our washing services involve a combination of hand and machine wash methods. We will preserve the integrity and structural layout of the rug. This means that it will last you for decades. Our routine deep washing services involve the use of holistic and innovative routines to enhance the structure a d texture of all rugs. We have the right deep wash routines for your silk, wool, cotton, jute, leather, and bamboo rugs. You can trust our advanced rug washing methods to be mild on your floor coverings. We use a wide range of washing agents that are tough on stain removal but mild on the rug fabric.

Rug Repairs Killara

Why replace when you can simply repair?

At Rug cleaning Killara, you can also get custom hand repair services for your special rugs. Our team have a team of specialists that apply the right repair techniques to all types of floor coverings. Washco will help you restore the original condition of your rugs, runners, tapestries, and carpets. In Washco we have special repair techniques for colours, threads, burns, holes, fringes, edges, and so on. We can help you restore and fix your oriental rugs. We also have holistic and innovative repair techniques for all antique rugs and logo/promotional rugs. Our antique rug restoration is the best in Killara. This is done with a combination of skilled hand restoration techniques and sophisticated trained rug repair machines. Why buy a new rug, when we can simply restore your old ones to their original pristine conditions?

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Rug Maintenance Killara

Maintenance is an art and we are the artists

At Rug cleaning Killara, we provide a wide range of professional rug maintenance services. We offer specialist maintenance services for all types of rugs. For your tapestries, runners, carpets, and rugs, we have a wide range of hand and machine care services to help you preserve them. We also have special maintenance services for promotional and logo rugs. Our custom rug maintenance services are recommended by manufacturers. They help us treat each rug according to its unique requirement. Our extensive range of rug maintenance services means that we are the best option for all your maintenance needs. We offer services like:

  • Special treatment against moths, pests, and insects
  • Fixing of damaged tassels/fringes
  • Repair of damages, burns, tears, splits, misalignments, and so on.
  • We repair all faded dyes and colour runs.
  • We help remove all stains, smells, and dents.
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