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Rug Cleaning Lane Cove

If you live in Lane Cove and need to clean your rugs and carpets, then you are in luck. Rug Cleaning Lane Cove is a company that specialises in cleaning, repairing, restoring, and maintenance of home and office rugs. We offer deep cleaning services to remove odours and stains on your rugs. We also offer the best rug repair and fixing services. We offer a wide spectrum of holistic rug cleaning and restoration services that will help you save money. Rather than buying a new rug, we can help you restore and repair your old home and office rugs. We specialise in caring for Turkish, Oriental, Antique Tibetan, Persian, Chinese, and specially-designed promotional rugs. Why buy a new expensive rug when you can still salvage some value from your old rugs and carpets? Rug Cleaning Lane Cove is your simple answer to this.

Persian Rug Washing

Rug Washing Lane Cove

When it comes to washing your rugs and carpets, we offer some of the most elaborate washing methods. With the best deep cleaning routines for your rugs, they will never remain the same. We have a modern facility with various machines and soaps that will be used to wash out dirt and unwanted elements away from the rug. We offer advanced wash routines for all types of rugs. Our washing processes are tough on stains and odours yet mild on your rugs. Your rugs will be treated to a spotless and rigorous cleaning technique. After the process of washing, you also get a professional drying routine that ensures that the rug is dry and smells nice.

Rug Repair Lane Cove

When it comes to rug repairs in Lane Cove, you can rely on our time-tested and top-notch rug repair and restoration services. We are a crew of rug craftsmen that help to mend all sorts of rug damages and deterioration. Your rugs suffer from abuse daily. They could have loose edges, misalignments, damages from flood and fire, stretching, holes, frayed corners, stains, odours, wears, tears, irreversible dents, and frictional burns. We have a range of professional rug restoration services and methods that allows us to repair and restore your rugs to a new condition. If you have a damaged rug, we could help you bring them to life. We have all the needed tools and equipment needed to restore and repair all area rugs. Why buy a new rug when you can simply refurbish and restore your old ones? We help you save money on rugs as we offer affordable rug repair services.

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Rug Maintenance Lane Cove

Rug manufacturers and makers have recommended that people take great care of their rugs and floor coverings. As floor protectors and decorative items, they need regular maintenance. Regular maintenance as directed by manufacturers will easily help extend the usability and serviceability of the rug and carpet. The good thing about our maintenance services is that they are approved and recommended by professional rug manufacturers. Our rug maintenance services help you save money both in the short and long term. We simply increase the performance and value of the rug. Our maintenance services ensure that you get maximum value from the old rugs before you can consider getting a new one.