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Rug Cleaning Leichhardt

Washco Rug Cleaners offers professional rug cleaning services. We use the best health and sanitary home-cleaning machines to help you get your rugs clean safely!

Our team have invested in high-quality equipment that will deliver an excellent result every time.”

Rug Cleaning Leichhardt takes pride in our company and the work we do. Paying attention to every detail, your rug will be made with high-quality materials that are safe for you or anyone who may come into contact with it!


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Rug Washing Leichhardt

Let us suck out all the dirt from your rugs

Rug cleaning is a necessary evil for those who have carpets and rugs. Rug Cleaners Lichthardt has all of your needs covered, from professional rug washing machines to thorough cleanings that help you get rid dirt stains paint movies etc., we’ve got it covered! With our rug-washing services, you can rest easy knowing that your rugs have been cleaned and restored to their original condition. Our team is dedicated in making sure all dirt stains are gone for good with a combination of efficient machines AND highly reactive wash agents!


Rug Repairs Leichhardt

Rug Repair Leichhardt can help you get your rug back to its original state. Our team of experienced professionals have a passion for repairing and restoring rugs, so we offer full-service care services that will make sure the quality is never compromised!

Lackluster sentence starters: When it comes down right cleaning carpets people seem lack basic idea how best maintain their carpets at home or even know what ingredients could cause allergic reactions in some cases.

We are based out Leichhardt but provide service throughout greater Sydney area including surrounding suburbs like Wahroonga/Zetland etc.

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Rug Repairs Leichhardt

Rug Maintenance¬† Leicharde is not just about rugs. It’s so much more than that! Our professionals help extend the functional lives of your carpets andrugs by providing a wide spectrum custom rug maintenance services to suit all needs, whether you need regular cleanings or have special occasions where extra care must be taken with delicate fabrics such as silk ones.”

The best rug maintenance shop in Leichhardt is now on the market! With our elaborate techniques and processes, we increase durability of old or damaged rugs. We also restore them to a like-new state so that you can enjoy your beautiful flooring for years to come without worrying about it wearing down too quickly under foot traffic from family members who seem intent upon ruining every piece they step onto anyway.

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