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Rug Cleaning Narrabeen

Add life to your rugs

Do your rugs have stains, damage, and tears? Rugs can become deteriorate or damage after years of consistent use. However, not to worry, rug cleaning Narrabeen is a professional company that focuses on cleaning rugs to restore them to their new condition. We provide a wide spectrum of rug cleaning methods which are in line with manufacturers’ recommendations for a durable and robust rug. We will help you clean your rugs from stains, spills, and marks.

Rug Washing Narrabeen

Rug Washing Narrabeen

Let us suck out all the dirt from your rugs

When it comes to rug washing, Rug cleaning Narrabeen has a central facility that caters to all washing processes for rugs and carpets. We have a set of sophisticated rug washing machines to help you get rid of stains and marks. Our rug cleaning facility comes with a collection of modern washing equipment and machines that ensure that your rugs and carpets are restored to pristine condition. Your rugs are subjected to a set of professional cleaning routines. From the first process of dust removal to the last process of drying, we ensure that your rugs are handled with care.

Rug Repairs Narrabeen

We repair so you don’t have to replace

Rugs are susceptible to everyday dents, bruises, abrasion, spills, and tears. This is because of how much we use them. Rugs that are located in areas of high traffic are usually susceptible to all types of actions that can get them damaged. From moving large furniture which leaves irreversible dents to other activities that can cause wear and tears. There is also the incidence of rugs and carpets losing their dyes. If your rugs have been subjected to these damages, you are can get the best repair services from a professional rug repair company. You can depend on Rug cleaning Narrabeen for elaborate rug cleaning services to restore all your rugs and carpets to their original condition. Our facility has an in-house team of rug repairs and craftsmen that utilize a wide range of modern machines and equipment to repair and restore all types of rugs to their new condition.  We will help restore your rugs from rot and burn damages, split edges, wears, and tears. We also restore rugs and carpets that seem to have lost their colours. Also, if you have rugs with tears and missing threads, we will help you fix all of that too.

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Rug Maintenance Narrabeen

When it comes to Rug cleaning Narrabeen, you are sure of an elaborate range of techniques and routines that will be used to keep your rugs and carpets clean. We focus on the maintenance of both residential and industrial rugs. Your rugs need to be taken to a professional rug maintenance company every 18/24 months. A professional rug maintenance company will provide the right rug maintenance techniques to ensure that the rug lasts a lot longer. The routine begins with a rug inspection for any defects and stains. You will also get other treatments like colour testing, cleaning of the rug fringes, rug grooming, drying, and repair of any damaged areas. We will also conduct post-cleaning maintenance routines. This is to ensure that the rugs are delivered to your home or office in pristine condition.

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