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Rug Cleaning Newtown

When it comes to getting rid of odors and stains from your rugs and carpets, you can depend on Rug cleaning Newtown. At Rug cleaning Newtown, we apply a range of washing and restoration processes to bring your floor coverings to their best conditions. We are your best option for rug maintenance, repairs, and washing services. We have a comprehensive facility that caters to all types of office rugs as well as home rugs. We know how to restore and wash Turkish rugs, Persian rugs, Tibetan rugs, antique rugs, and more. We also have special rug handling processes for branded rugs and all promotional floor coverings. We handle both small and large scale rug washing and restoration services. We offer a wide range of repair, maintenance, and washing services for all rugs. If you need to renew and clean your rugs, our mini-rug production facility in Newton.

Persian Rug Washing

Rug Washing Newtown

When it comes to the best rug washing company in Newton, you can rely on our professional services. We have a wide spectrum of the latest rug washing and cleaning treatments for all floor coverings. Our deep cleaning processes involve the use of sophisticated cleaning machines, pressurized water, and strong shampoos to bring back the original essence of your rugs and carpets. We have optimized rug washing processes that will get rid of spills, dirt, stains, and smears forever. All our washing techniques and treatments are gentle on your rug fabrics and colours. The rug washing processes that we provide, have been tailored specifically to get rid of dirt and stains.

Rug Repair Newtown

Do you have rugs that have been damaged by excess stains, dents, or spills? Perhaps you have rugs and carpets whose edges and seams are coming off. What about those heavy furniture movements on your rugs that leave behind irreversible dents? How about the fact that your rugs may be losing their dyes and colours. We cater to owners of both office and home rugs. We will fix and repair any rug problem. From colour fading, misalignment, flood and fire damages, irreversible dents, permanent stains, damaged rug fabric, and so on. We have all the solutions to your rug repair problems. We have a team of loyal workers that happy to take on any rug repair and restoration projects. We also cater to specific antique and promotional rugs. We have a range of tailored treatments for rugs of high value. Our cost-effective rug treatment gives you one more reason to save money on rugs and other floor coverings.

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Rug Maintenance Newtown

Rug manufacturers recommend that we always take care of our carpets and rugs. These are special floor coverings that are used to keep us comfortable and protect our floors at the home and the office. Moreover, rugs are used as decorative and promotional items. This is no reason why they can be indispensable to some public showrooms and exhibition centres. Rugs are also prominent fixtures around corporate environments. They are used to create feelings of cosiness and comfort. They are also exceptional marketing and promotional items. They are usually used as custom promotional rugs with company logos on them. These types of rugs need special maintenance. We are familiar with both ordinary and promotional rugs. Our maintenance processes are in line with the maintenance instructions of manufacturers.

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