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Rug Cleaning Randwick

Rug cleaning Randwick is a company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining all types of rugs. We are a family-owned business that has been in the game of rug cleaning for years. We provide all types of rug cleaning services for various floor tapestries, runners, rugs, and carpets. Our business caters to the rug cleaning needs of homes and businesses in Randwick. We have a complete rug cleaning facility with a competent delivery and logistics department. You can consult us when it comes to cleaning all types of rugs and carpets. We will help you clean out your silk, cotton, jute, and wool rugs. We also provide special care for hand-knitted rugs and all antique carpets.

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Rug Washing Randwick

Rug cleaning Randwick maintains a modern rug washing facility that is equipped with modern machines. We have also recruited the best rug washing experts in the area. We are a one-stop facility for all your rug washing needs. We use a combination of hand and machine washing methods. Unlike many other rug cleaning companies, our rug washing machines are highly efficient and sophisticated in deep washing all types of rugs. We also provide special hand washing services for special oriental rugs and all antique floor coverings. We also provide hand washing services for all floor tapestries and logo rugs. Our washing services involve the use of a mild and effective shampoo. After the washing process, the rug usually looks and smells like a brand new floor covering.

Rug Repair Randwick

Rug cleaning Randwick is the only rug cleaning facility in the area that also provides a reliable rug repair and restoration service. We have a team of the finest rug and carpet craftsmen from all of Randwick. We have been in the rug business for many years. We know how to restore and fix all types of rugs regardless of their problems. We will fix all rug damage and deterioration problems. Why buy a new rug when we can revive the old one? Our facility comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art rug repair technology. We have been able to restore and repair many floor coverings from our past clients. Regardless of how tough the damage is, we will fix them all. Rug cleaning Randwick has invested in the finest craftsmen and sophisticated equipment. This gives us the capability to achieve excellent results. Our facility caters to all types of clients and handles all types of rug material.

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Rug Maintenance Randwick

We run a total run maintenance facility with a delivery department. Rug cleaning Randwick is a full rug services company. Unlike many other rug cleaning companies, we have a complete rug maintenance facility. We clean, wash, repair, restore, and maintain all types of rugs. We have been able to integrate manufacturer-approved rug maintenance routines into our operations. This means that we are one of the few rug cleaning facilities with the validation to provide these services. You get all sorts of services from us:

  • General rug care and maintenance
  • Rug treatment against insects
  • Fixing of damages rug tassels and fringes
  • Fixing burns, holes, tears, wear, splits, and so on.
  • Repairing of faded colours/dyes.
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