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Rug Cleaning Redfern

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When it comes to a total rug cleaning solution for all home and office rugs, you can depend on Rug cleaning Redfern. We are rug cleaning specialists that employ a wide spectrum of advanced techniques to restore the pristine condition of your rugs. Our industrial rug cleaning methods help to remove stains, dirt, dust, smells and marks permanently. Our company is a traditional family business with generations of rug cleaning competence. Many private and commercial have been able to restore the shine and elegance in their floor coverings through our services. When it comes to rug cleaning in Redfern, we perform both onsite and offsite cleaning services. We have the technology and techniques to handle all types of rugs, carpets, runners, and tapestries. Our modern machines know how best to handle all types of rug materials like Jute, wool, cotton, silk, and so on.

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Rug Washing Redfern

Washing done the right way

When it comes to modern deep washing techniques for rugs, you can count on Rug cleaning Redfern. We get the job done. We have been able to procure the best movable and immovable rug washing machines. This means that we can deep wash all types of floor coverings like tapestries, runners, rugs, and carpets. Our machines are automatic and know how to handle special prints and logos on rugs. The machines can also deep wash other rugs with special features. We offer a wide range of deep washing services according to the special requirements of the rugs. When it comes to hand-knotted rugs and other rugs with delicate features, we usually have a custom washing process. In some cases, we may also decide to handwash rugs with special treatments.

Rug Repairs Redfern

Taking care of your rugs

Our floor coverings are subjected to all types of abuses daily. From heavy human traffic, pet poop, moving heavy furniture, flood, stains, and so on. These activities usually cause outright or gradual damage to the floor covering. If not treated or restored on time, a little damage may worsen to cause more severe damage. By then, it would cost more to fix the rug. This is why it is recommended that rug owners fix their floor coverings as soon as possible. Rug cleaning Redfern is a professional rug repair and restoration company that fixes all types of rug damages. Some of the problems we treat include:

  • Damages due to insects
  • Holes, tears, cuts, burns, tears, wear, dents, and so on.
  • Faded dyes/colours
  • Damaged thread/weave
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Rug Maintenance Redfern

Because maintenance is important

Rug cleaning Redfern is a company that focuses on holistic rug cleaning and maintenance processes. We have a team of dedicated rug care services experts and craftsmen. All our rug maintenance services have been approved by manufacturers. We currently cater to homes, hospitals, shopping malls, businesses, showrooms, schools, and so on. We have the needed level of expertise to handle industrial rugs. We also have professional maintenance routines for rugs that need special care and maintenance. We know how to maintain all logo/promotional rugs, oriental rugs, antique rugs, hand-knitted, and so on, for a long-lasting service. Our rug maintenance services are meant to increase the durability and serviceability of all your floor coverings.

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