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Rug Cleaning Tamarama

Add life to your rugs

Rug cleaning is an extensive process that requires much effort if done at home. But why go through the hassle of cleaning it yourself when you can hire professionals like us and get the job done at minimal rates?

Our team in rug cleaning Sydney understand the sentiment and monetary value attached to each of the rugs we receive. Therefore, our highly-trained staff ensures the rugs are cleaned in a way that no damage incurs to them during the cleaning process.

We choose a different technique for every rug after carefully determining which one will work on it the best. With vast experience in this field, you can rely on us to take care of your beautiful rugs and return them to you as good as new.

Persian Rug Washing

Rug Washing Tamarama

Let us suck out all the dirt from your rugs

All rugs require deep cleaning every once in a while to keep them looking great. Yes you can throw it in your washing machine if it small-sized. However, cleaning a large-sized rug at home is close to impossible.

You got enough burden on your shoulders so allow us to handle this one for you. We offer the best rug washing service in all of Tamarama, Sydney. We offer Persian rug cleaning as well as carpet cleaning services too.

Save yourself the time and hard work it takes to reward a fresh look to your rugs. Just give us a call so we can take over for you.

Rug Repairs Tamarama

We repair so you don’t have to replace

Good rugs cost a fortune- we know that! So, if your rug was subjected to damage, you don’t have to throw it out with a heavy heart. Just give us a call. Our extremely skilled crew will fix it for you without asking for an arm and a leg in return.

We provide the best services for rug repairs near Tamarama, Sydney. You will not find a service as cheap and reliable as us. With a life-long experience in rug cleaning and repairing, we know the techniques to preserve them even if they have lived past their life.

Whether your favourite cozy rug has worn out or is torn from some places, give it to us and we will get it fixed for you. Meanwhile, you kick back and relax!

rug repairs sydney

Rug Maintenance Tamarama

If you want something to last longer, take care of it!

Or, let us take care of it for you. Our entire team loves pampering rugs as we think of it as a satisfying process. We believe in preserving expensive things for a long time. Schedule a rug maintenance session with us now so we can shower your rug with the love and care it receives.

Our extensive maintenance process enables the rugs to retain their coziness, softness, and freshness way beyond their life. You can count on us for this job as we know what we are doing!

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